Kana Profile(Multi Flutist)

KANA started playing the piano at the age of 3 and the flute during her junior high school days. 

After graduatied from college, she started her musical career as a professional flutist. 

KANA is a multi-flute player who performs a wide variety of instruments such as flute, Shinobue(Japanese bamboo flute)、Ocarina and Recorder. 

She played with a number of musicians in various fields such as Latin, Ethnic, Japanese Music etc based on jazz. KANA is good at the stage performance with entertainment nature.

In 2014, KANA released her 1st Albumn 「Kanabokkuru No Tabi」followed by「Kana Style」in 2016.

In April 2014, Kana was chosen as the best wind instruments performer by vote and the runner-up of all performers at the You-tube video contest of Diners Club Social Jazz Session 2013-14. As the supplementary prize, she performed with Lee Ritenour, Crystal Kay, and Akira Jinbo on stage at Blue Note.

In August 2014, KANA finished in the second place in Internet Shinobue Contest 2014.

In September 2014, 『Send for Spring』, KANA's origial tune, awarded as the finalist in John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2014 World Division.

In 2015, KANA performed at LONDON HYPER JAPAN as a member of【Utsukushi no Sato Sisters】

In July 2018, KANA performed at Traditional Music Festival in Kazakhstan as a member of 【Traditional Japanese Musical Instrument Ensemble JAPAN】

KANA, based in Tokyo Japan, is currently expanding her activities as a flutist overseas such as Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia and Canada as well as throughout Japan.

Room of
various sorts of flutes 




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